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Betonblock® has been the market leader in concrete block moulds for over 15 years. Betonblock® has a comprehensive range of concrete moulds, accessories and peripheral equipment and serves more than 7,500 loyal customers in over 75 different countries.

In addition to concrete block moulds, Betonblock® also sells the following moulds:

●       Concrete slab moulds
●       Retaining wall moulds
●       Barrier moulds
●       Tetrapod moulds

What are the advantages of Betonblock® interlocking concrete moulds?

Betonblock® moulds are made of high-quality S355 steel and are powder-coated to create a hard scratch and impact-resistant layer. This coating also prevents the steel from rusting and comes in many different colours. The moulds are built to last and will continue to deliver for at least 10 years. The interlocking Concrete Block® moulds feature a unique closure that ensures that the moulds are easy to use and dimensionally stable, so you can keep producing identical stackable concrete blocks year in year out. Our high-quality moulds produce uniform blocks that fit together seamlessly and create sturdy structures. Many Betonblock® customers have been making blocks with the same mould(s) every day for a decade without any of the moulds warping.

Wide range of Lego concrete block moulds

Betonblock®’s interlocking concrete block moulds come in many different shapes and sizes. We carry moulds with a length of: 120 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm and 240 cm. Moulds come in the following widths and depths: 30 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm.

Our interlocking concrete block moulds at a glance:

●       Basic: our signature, most widely used mould for stackable concrete blocks
●       Flat top (00): a studless concrete block
●       Round (R): a concrete block with a rounded corner
●       Slope (45): a concrete block with a slope
●       Stairs (S): a stepped concrete block
●       Top (T): the top block
●       Wide base (W): a concrete block with a wide base

Start casting right away

Betonblock®'s robust steel moulds come as a full kit, including mould opener, so you can start producing interlocking concrete blocks right away. Tip! Spray the mould with Betonblock® formwork oil prior to casting. If you do not apply the oil first, the mould may not release the concrete. On top of that, the oil also helps keep the mould in tip-top condition, so it will last longer.

Less than €1 a block!

Betonblock® moulds are high-quality products that are built to last, making them suitable for more than decade’s worth of daily usage. Based on the following calculations: 250 days per year (excluding weekends and holidays) x 10 years = 2,500 concrete blocks from one mould. Our best-selling concrete Lego block mould, Basic 160x80x80, costs €1,675. Resulting in a grand total of: € 0.67 for each concrete block!

A bigger bottom line with Betonblock® moulds

Making money with Betonblock®’s interlocking concrete block moulds is easier than you might think. All you have to do is reuse concrete leftovers! If you accidentally over-order concrete for a project, you can put the leftover concrete - which has already been paid for - to good use. Simply pour the leftover concrete into a Betonblock® mould and sell the stackable concrete blocks for well over cost! Using your leftover concrete does not just good for your bottom line, but also helps contribute to waste reduction and makes the world a more sustainable place.

Special requirements for concrete block moulds?

With our ample experience, Betonblock® knows all the ins and outs of the market, allowing us to actively respond to supply and demand and always come up with a bespoke solution. Looking for a mould in an odd size or different colour? The options are (almost) endless at Betonblock®. Send your question, idea and/or design to and our specialists will get back to you with sound, tailor-made advice.


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