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Concrete slabs


Concrete slabs have been the most commonly used solution for temporary or permanent paving for years. Concrete slabs are a great way to quickly and efficiently cover large areas, because the large dimensions of the slabs mean that only a few go a long way. Concrete slabs are especially suited to heavy traffic areas, making them ideal for industry, agriculture and livestock farms.

Easy to move and remove

Speed and efficiency: the main reasons for opting for concrete slabs over bricks and tiles. Due to their large dimensions, slabs are easier to lay and less likely to subside, producing a more level site. Concrete slabs are easy to move and remove, making them particularly useful in combination with work on pipes, cables or other types of earthworks. Betonblock® carries various types of lifting equipment, handling equipment and accessories in its range to transport and move these large slabs.

What are the advantages of Betonblock® concrete slab moulds?

All Betonblock® moulds are made of high-quality steel will continue to deliver for at least ten years and never warp, not even after years of daily use. The pre-assembled, steel cross beams reinforce the mould when pouring the concrete, so the resulting slabs fit seamlessly together to form a solid foundation.

What are the dimensions of your slab moulds?

Betonblock® slab moulds come different sizes. All moulds have a default length of 200 m, and come in widths of: 100, 150, 200 and 300 cm. The slab moulds have a height (thickness) of: 14, 16 and 20 cm. We have something for everyone, regardless of your project or intended application, including outdoor paving, warehouse paving and parking spaces.

What accessories do you have for concrete slabs?

Betonblock® has a wide range of handling, lifting and tilting accessories for transporting, laying, placing and tilting the concrete slabs. To move slabs with a lifting chain, simply attach the chain to the cast-in insert. Concrete slabs are poured upside down, and with the Betonblock® lift & turn-tilt mechanisms, you can get the neater, potentially more level side to face up. You can also use these mechanisms to transport the concrete slabs.

Betonblock® vacuum slab lifter

With the vacuum slab lifter, Betonblock® has a brand-new way to move and lay concrete slabs. This mobile lifter is powered by a Hatz diesel engine, so no other power supply is needed. The slab lifter can be operated via remote control (with a two-button control safety system). The vacuum slab lifter has a rated capacity of 1700 kg and features a powerful suction cup, so the slab does not have to be perfectly clean and level. The slab lifter comes with a lifting eye, but the lifting beam is sold separately.

In addition to concrete block moulds, Betonblock® also sells the following moulds:

●       Concrete block moulds
●       Retaining wall moulds
●       Barrier moulds
●       Tetrapod moulds

An all-in-one solution: concrete slabs, concrete blocks and retaining walls

Combine concrete slabs with concrete blocks and retaining walls for an all-in-one solution that will help you tackle a wide variety of projects. What about parking bays with base plates and walls? Or a livestock manure storage made from retaining walls (exterior) and concrete slabs or farmyards that is traversed by livestock and heavy agricultural machinery every day. Our moulds will let you create sturdy structures with a stable foundation.



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