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Retaining walls / Moulds

Retaining walls Moulds


Retaining wall moulds are the latest addition to the Betonblock® concrete mould range. Although it is a relative newcomer, this L-shaped mould is already incredibly popular and produces a one-piece retaining wall. These L-shaped elements are used all over the world because concrete walls can withstand all weather conditions, such as snow, ice and rain, but also cope with extreme heat. Because of their special shape and durability, retaining walls are highly versatile.

Projects with retaining walls:
·        Flood defence
·        Storage facilities
·        Garden and yard fencing
·        Splash and noise barriers
·        Bridging height differences
·        Quay walls and walls along canals and ponds

The advantages of Betonblock® retaining wall moulds

Betonblock® has been the market leader in steel moulds for concrete solutions for over 15 years, and for good reason. Our high-quality moulds are built to last and will continue to deliver for at least ten years, even if they are used to cast retaining walls day in, day out. In average conditions, concrete takes about 24 hours to cure, so all you need is one mould to produce a new retaining wall every day. For faster production time and larger projects, we recommend buying multiple moulds.

What sizes do Betonblock® retaining wall moulds come in?

Betonblock® retaining walls are available in various sizes and designs. The basic retaining wall mould is 100x100x100 cm, which can be modified with the retaining wall extension set to create a retaining wall mould measuring 100x100x200 cm. The extension set is also sold separately, so you can always extend your 1 m retaining wall mould to a 2 m version at a later date. We also carry a medium mould: 100x100x150. Ask our staff about the possibilities.

What retaining wall accessories does Betonblock® carry?

To produce a retaining wall, the L-shaped mould has to lie on its side. Inserting cast-in anchors makes it easier to tilt and manoeuvre the concrete block before moving it to its destination. Betonblock® also has special retaining wall clamps with a maximum capacity of 3,000 and 5,000 kg, respectively. We also recommend ordering an oil pump and formwork oil if you do not already have them.

In addition to retaining wall moulds, Betonblock® also sells the following moulds:
·        Concrete block moulds
·        Concrete slab moulds
·        Barrier moulds
·        Tetrapod moulds

Retaining walls made from concrete leftovers

Concrete plants are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of concrete and have started using leftover concrete to reduce emissions. Betonblock®'s concrete moulds let them do just that. Not only can the resulting retaining walls be sold for a profit, but using concrete leftovers also helps avoid concrete disposal costs. Kill two birds with one stone by reusing raw materials (circular economy) and reducing your environmental footprint at the same time.

One-stop-shop for concrete moulds

Looking for different types of concrete moulds? Betonblock® is the place to be! Betonblock®. supplies concrete block moulds, concrete slab moulds, retaining wall moulds, barrier moulds, tetrapod moulds and accessories, all so you can start casting immediately. Need help on how to start making concrete blocks? Check out the instructions for pouring concrete in concrete moulds here.


If you have an idea or design for a concrete mould that we do not carry yet? Feel free to contact us an explore the options. We have ample experience with bespoke solutions within our field: the possibilities are endless. Fill in the contact page; our staff will gladly tell you more.


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