- DV24.11¾ - Divider 00-cover plate

DV24.11¾ - Divider 00-cover plate

Dividers & cover plates

This divider can be used in combination with a 00-72.24 cover plate!

Dividers can be used to make several smaller blocks with a standard concrete block mold. By placing one or more dividers between the studs in the mold, you can create multiple blocks at once.

This divider is designed to use with the 72.24.12 mold and the 00-72.24 cover plate to create multiple smaller blocks in one time. With 5 dividers you can make up to six 2' x 1' x 1' blocks without studs. Smaller blocks give you more flexibility to build smaller constructions and can be used for hardscaping applications.

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Size 11¾ x 24 x inch

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