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BETONBLOCK© produces concrete block molds in various shapes and sizes, made with first-class structural steel. Thanks to our continuous innovation we can ensure our products have the ideal workability, low investment costs for the customer and an unparalleled flexibility in use. BETONBLOCK© offers infinite construction possibilities thanks to our unique and extensive range of molds. Using only the most accurate and efficient equipment we can ensure our products have the highest possible quality whilst fulfilling all requirements. Made for Heavy-Duty use to give you thousands of pours throughout the years.


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BETONBLOCK®: market leader in concrete block molds

If you are planning on constructing with concrete look no further as it has never been easier, faster and more precise than with BETONBLOCK© concrete molds. Over the last decades we have been market leaders in producing and supplying concrete molds for a wide arrange of applications. A position we have reached thanks to our continuous innovation, excellent workmanship and a very competitive price/quality ratio.

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One mold for different blocks

With BETONBLOCK© you can produce stackable concrete blocks in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to clever dividers, one mould can be used for multiple (smaller) types of blocks, making it very convenient and cost-efficient at the same time!


Also for residual concrete

BETONBLOCK© concrete blocks can of course be made with new concrete but using residual concrete is possible as well! By pouring your residual concrete in the mould you ensure no concrete is wasted. This way even concrete rubble (for example paving stones) can be repurposed in an efficient and effective manner.

Create new opportunities! Using residual concrete will help it retain value which could help you create a future-proof revenue model whilst reducing environmental impact in the process.

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Years of quality

BETONBLOCK© will always go one step further in Innovation, Product development and quality. We have been doing this for decades and will continue doing this partly thanks to customer input. At Betonblock we listen to the market’s needs and the wishes our customers provide to ensure customer satisfaction with every product we have made and will make in the future.

Our Trumpf laser machines provide the highest possible accuracy and efficiency needed to produce the most innovative and precise moulds on the market. With the extra attention we pay to our final product we can ensure BETONBLOCK© molds last as long as possible whilst providing the highest quality at all times.

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Speed and service

At BETONBLOCK© we always strive towards service and speed. To ensure a quick delivery of your products almost all of our products are permanently in stock, combined with our daily transports we can provide the fastest possible delivery of our products at all times.

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