A'dam CS: Betonblock in battle against terror


In Amsterdam the municipality has placed concrete blocks around Central Station. At first thought this seems like a traffic safety measure, but at the same time could also function as a precautionary measure for possible terrorist attacks.

Eight Wounded

Last summer, eight people were injured when a man - reportedly unwell - tore acrossed the Stationsplein. This happened shortly after he had been fined by a number of agents.

However, according to a spokesperson in front of AT5, the blocks are placed predominantly for a safer loading and unloading of trucks; "The bike path was moved a few weeks ago because of the redevelopment of the Station Square, so trucks and cars drove over it to load and unload. This led to a dangerous situation and that is why the centre district decided to place concrete blocks. "

Last Friday, Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren announced that there will be 'physical static obstacles' at various locations throughout the capital. This concerns the Rokin, Dam Square and the queue at the Heineken Experience.

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