ConcreteBlockEngineers: Safety in stacking


The value of a constructive calculation

At Betonblock we work hard towards happiness and satisfaction for every customer. ConcreteBlockEngineers is an independent consultancy firm where users, contractors and suppliers of concrete blocks and concrete block moulds can request structural calculations.

Why is a constructive calculation so important? When the load on a wall is too high, it can collapse spontaneously. The possible load is dependent on several factors, such as filling material and weather conditions. ConcreteBlockEngineers calculations provide customers with a good insight and certainty on the safety and stability of structures built with Betonblock concrete blocks.

With a calculation for existing (storage) walls they can provide you with helpful information on, for example, how high you can fill the structure with your specific filling material. For new walls they will work together with you to find the best solution for your specific needs and wishes. 

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